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Feel the positive flow and share it with your friends! Wherever you are, whoever is with you, whatever you do, UMMBA! energy drink will always be the perfect choice - for you, for your pals, for everyone!

UMMBA! brand was established in 2005 and it quickly became popular among consumers around the world. It is thanks to the excellent taste and the maximum dose of energy in every sip. Tiredness goes away almost immediately, substituted by a wave of positive craziness. At work, in your office, while driving your car, at a training, a party, or whenever you feel tired - UMMBA! will give you additional strength.

For explorers
Ummba! GOLD

A classical energy drink for those, who have a good, sophisticated taste. It will give you an immediate boost of energy. One can is enough to forget about tiredness. Feel the flow of energy. UMMBA! Gold will give you refreshment, strength and concentration.

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For sportspeople
Ummba! SPORT

UMMBA! Energy Drink Sport provides an additional boost of energy for sportspeople, caring about their health. UMMBA! Drink Sport has been enriched with five-flavor berry extract. It prepares the human body for physical effort, reduces stress, enhances immunity and concentration.

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For the unbeatable

UMMBA! Energy Drink Strong is the strongest energy drink on the market. Taurine of the highest quality makes it as strong as a double espresso. It is highly valued by sportspeople, as it increases muscle endurance. The product has been developed in particular for students and drivers.

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The quality of Ummba!
composition & design under control

The drink is available in modern cans in two volumes of 250 ml and 500 ml. All drinks are produced using natural sugar instead of the popular sweeteners. They contain no preservatives.

The world of UMMBA!
Always in the heart of the action.

You will find UMMBA! energy drink not only in stores, but in wherever anything is going on - at parties, in bars, at entertainment and sports events. We guarantee positive emotions associated with great taste!

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