UMMBA! The Energy Drink is a drink that fits our times, an alternative for all those, who find their day to be too short.

Wojciech Kuczyński - FOUNDER

Feel the positive flow and share it with your friends! Wherever you are, with whomever you are, whatever you are doing, UMMBA! Energy Drink will always be the perfect choice - for you and your friends! UMMBA! brand was established in 2005 and it quickly gained approval of consumers around the world. This is due to perfect taste and the maximum dose of energy, enjoyed with every sip.

Tiredness disappears almost immediately, replaced by a wave of positive energy.

At work, at the office, while driving your car, after a training, during a party, or whenever you feel tired - UMMBA! will boost your energy whenever you need it.

Why is UMBBA! Energy Drink a good choice?

UMMBA! Energy drinks are tailored to the challenges of our times. Living fast, coping with a multitude of duties and high ambitions - such problems are encountered by most young people today. UMBBA! energy drink is an alternative for all those, who find their day to be too short. An excellent formula without the addition of artificial sweeteners, combined with unique taste, are enough to make sure you will never consider any other product. If you need a boost of energy to enjoy your hobby, a party or your favorite sport, have some UMMBA! Energy Drink.

The beverage is available in three versions: Gold, Sport and Strong. The first one gives you refreshment, improves your strength and concentration thanks to such ingredients as taurine, caffeine and B6 and B12 vitamins. The second gives you an immediate boost of energy when you are playing sports. Thanks to the content of five-flavor berry, damiana, guarana and schisandra extract, it reduces stress and tiredness, increases immunity and concentration and prepares you very well for physical effort. As it contains green tea extract, it is also a great solution for those, who want to lose weight. The third one is the strongest energy drink on the market. It contains taurine of the highest quality, as strong as a double espresso, which improves muscle strength, warranting your maximum performance. The results are visible after only a few sips!

With UMMBA! energy drink you achieve 100% efficiency in all you want to do, without any signs of tiredness. It gets you going and gives you a positive FLOW for a long time! UMMBA! will warrant your excellent performance whenever you need it.


Ummba! GOLD

A classical energy drink for those, who have a good, sophisticated taste. It will give you an immediate boost of energy. One can is enough to forget about tiredness. Feel the flow of energy.

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For active Ummba! GOLD

Ummba! SPORT

UMMBA! Energy Drink Sport provides an additional boost of energy for sportspeople, caring about their health. UMMBA! Drink Sport has been enriched with five-flavor berry extract. It prepares the human body for physical effort, reduces stress, enhances immunity and concentration.

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For sportspeople Ummba! SPORT


UMMBA! Energy Drink Strong is the strongest energy drink on the market. Taurine of the highest quality makes it as strong as a double espresso. It is highly valued by sportspeople, as it increases muscle endurance. The product has been developed in particular for students and drivers.

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